Who is to blame but ourselves?


2/4/20153 min read

Lola Tatlyan

May I ask you, people, questions that concern me?

Who is to blame for the fact that you have garbage in your driveway?

Who is to blame for the fact that your elevators have burnt buttons and spattered walls?

Who is to blame for the fact that on the walls of the entrances are drawn spread female legs with genitals?

Who is to blame for the fact that "H.y" is written on the fence?

Who is to blame for the fact that the milkmaids dilute the milk at your dairies?

Who is to blame for the fact that there is pus in the milk sold on the market?

Who is to blame for the fact that fruits and vegetables are covered with wax?

Who is to blame for the fact that your home management cannot solve home management issues for years?

Who is to blame for the fact that children of rich parents buy themselves driver's licenses without knowing how to drive a car?

Who is to blame for the fact that people die on the roads every day because you get behind the wheel while drunk?

Are you looking for the culprit? Maybe America is to blame for the fact that people get drunk like pigs and wallow in mud in puddles? Maybe America is to blame for the fact that you dilute the milk and sell moldy sausage and stale products? Maybe America is to blame for the fact that you use drugs? Maybe America is also to blame for the fact that you caught gonorrhea? Maybe it's America that doesn't allow you to use condoms, wash your hands and lead a healthy lifestyle? Maybe America is also to blame for allowing your husband to beat you to death or verbally humiliate you? Do you want to find the culprit? Don't want to look in the mirror?

Here is your culture, the vaunted Russian culture: drunkenness, fistfights, indifference, theft, and fornication. Here is your culture. Do you think this is something to be proud of? Seriously? Did I hurt your honor and dignity? Do you really have them? But if, damn it, you have honor and dignity, then why the hell am I asking you these questions???? Why are you so poor if you live in the richest country in the world? Where does your money go? What taxes do you pay? Why doesn't your police protect you??

Why are your officials stealing???? Who allows all this??? Who sees and is silent?? Who understands, but passes by??? Who knows, but does not report??? Are you used to living in fear??? Well, you will always live in fear until you are finally turned into a sheep. Why are you always looking for someone? Why do you still believe that someone will do for you, someone will decide for you, someone will worry??? Why someone, but not you??? Don't look around, look at yourself. Here is your vaunted culture... Ask yourself, what can each of you do in this situation?

Do not look for the guilty, you are to blame, and you will always be to blame, because you also live in this society and as long as you do not give a damn about everything, you will live in a viper's den, your authorities will rob you, and you will sit on the rubble and be indignant... Wake up , America is not to blame for the fact that you live poorly. You have always lived poorly. You always allowed yourself to be robbed. You were always silent and trembling with fear... Both before the revolution and after it. Sheep are better than you, they don't drink, don't smoke, don't bite, don't sniff, don't write "h.y" on the fence, don't press buttons, don't fart, don't hang snot on the walls... I would say that you are not ashamed, but that is what they say to preschool children, and you are definitely adults, descendants of the great Russian culture, Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, Lomonosov, Mendeleev... Lord, if you are really proud of anything except the Russian ballet, then something terrible has happened to your culture, do you understand that? Why do you think that someone should decide for you? And don't you have your own brains? Who told you that nothing depends on you, personally on you???? Who, well, who instilled in you such blatant nonsense???? Each of you can do a lot by force, but who among you really sets himself such a task when he wakes up every morning?? There is no need to blame the city authorities - you appointed them there, so you deserved them. Do not blame the police - you built this system, you participate in it. If you sincerely believe that nothing in this life depends on you, then please put your hands on yourself, because your existence is absolutely meaningless and because of people like you, young guys and girls become cannon fodder on the battlefields, which you did not start, but you will shed bitter tears. And then you will forget, and everything will be the same again, because it already happened.

History always repeats itself when fools do not draw conclusions from it. And do not say that you are not fools.