Volodymyr Chepovy, Ruslan Savchyshyn. Economy of the Future Brainstorm marathon #2 (video)


4/6/20211 min read

BIZNES magazine and co-investors of the BIZNES100 platform continue the series of online streams "BrainStorm Marathon" with the general theme "Business revival. Economy of the future".

The guest of the broadcast is Ruslan Savchyshyn, founder of the group of IT companies MagneticOne Group. The topic of the speech: "What will be the economy of the future and what elements of it are already manifesting themselves today?". We discuss solutions that will help to transform to meet the needs of the new world.

The #business_brainstorm_marathon is a series of conversations about transformational strategies and ideas with business owners. Every time the topic will be different, but in one way or another it will touch on issues that concern society today.

Volodymyr Chepovy, co-founder and editor-in-chief of "BIZNES" magazine, invites co-investors of the BIZNES100 platform, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders to a public conversation.

- What new knowledge, tools and approaches will allow modern businesses to survive?

- Which business will survive after the quarantine?

- What will Ukraine be like in the post-coronavirus world?

- What will help to transform to meet the needs of the new World?

- What will it be - the Economy of the FUTURE?

- Does the business have its own Plan "B" not only for survival, but also for creating a living space for a happy FUTURE of our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations?

Source: BUSINESS magazine