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9/6/20212 min read

Today, when applicants are deciding where to study, real reviews about economic cybernetics will help them navigate the choice of profession and institution of higher education (high school / college / university). In this material, we have collected the opinions of yesterday's students-ekashniks (graduates of the educational program "Economic Cybernetics"), who are currently successful, working in well-known IT companies, banks, state and private institutions. Everything is confirmed with screenshots. Here, young men and women will find words about employment prospects, the opportunity to get a job in leading companies, the potential provided by the educational program, which is the future. We invite you to take a look, you won't regret it!

Real Economic Cybernetics Reviews

We deliberately did not collect the opinions of graduates of the ASME department who studied economic cybernetics. This is done so that our potential applicants do not get the impression that we are specifically advocating admission to the best university in the Podil region. Reviews of graduates of Khmelnytskyi National University are presented on another page of our website. Here are quotes from graduates of other higher educational institutions from all over Ukraine.

We also did not begin to rewrite and translate the reviews of graduates about economic cybernetics. This is done on purpose - so that the information does not lose its authenticity, realism and truthfulness.

What graduates of different years and universities say about economic cybernetics

In the testimonial below, cyberneticist zzhov says that he had no problems finding employment even after moving to the US. On the contrary, they were interested in his diploma work there several times. And to the question of either a skeptic or a person who was sincerely interested in economic cybernetics (Sergey Ponomarev), he gave an original answer about academic disciplines, work while studying in the third year, etc. His experience will probably be useful to 2022 applicants who are deciding where to apply after graduating from school.

Another participant in our absentee discussion - Nik Shevcuk - got a firm footing thanks to the fact that at one time he enrolled in economic cybernetics. He gives a detailed and interesting answer to the question of why it is worth enrolling in this specialty. So we recommend that you also get to know this review about economic cybernetics:

By the way, Yuliya Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko - ex-prime minister of Ukraine - was a cybernetic economist and graduated from the university with the Economic Cybernetics educational program. In the screenshot of the following review, there is a hyperlink that leads to the proof resource. Anyone who is interested can type this small URL in the browser ribbon and see everything for themselves.

The author of the following review on economic cybernetics - Ruslan Kolosovskyi - pays tribute to the fact that at one time he entered the EC specialty. Thanks to her, he achieved success in life and probably already created his own solid business.

And here a graduate of another Podil university - Ruslan Savchyshyn - openly shares his impressions. Today, he is a successful IT entrepreneur, co-founder of several companies in the field of robotics, programming, and development of IT projects. Hopefully, his feedback on economic cybernetics will make an impression on the applicants of Ukraine 2022, who are determined with admission and with future studies.

In this screenshot, Volodymyr Misai, a software engineer at the well-known IT company "Argo Software Engineering", openly shares that thanks to his studies in economic cybernetics, he has the opportunity to work in several IT companies at the same time. Here is a screenshot of his review of the specialty.


Thus, today's applicants - graduates of secondary comprehensive schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges - who are faced with the choice of where to go to study, to which higher education institution to apply, have to make a fateful decision for themselves. Their choice should be based on many factors, including feedback from graduates who studied economic cybernetics. We wish them all the right choice! And we will be very happy to see it among our students. Enter Khmelnytskyi National University - you won't regret it!

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