Project idea: My Deputy


11/12/20141 min read

The idea of a public, significant project, which I was not able to fully convey earlier. A few people I contacted provided valuable feedback, but not much else.

Perhaps his publication will inspire someone with an idea.


A system of direct communications between the deputy (his headquarters) and the voter.

How will it work?

  1. The MP's mobile application

- deputy 1

- deputy 2

  1. Voter's mobile application

There will be direct instant communication between them

Additional functionality

For a citizen

  1. Information about the deputy

- MP's program

- Promises of the deputy

- Current activities of the deputy

- Contacts of the deputy/deputies/staff

  1. Participation in surveys

  2. Appeal

- Possibility of appeal

- Control of the execution of your appeals

- Evaluation of performance

For a deputy

  1. Availability for requests

- Information about the voter who applied

  1. Appeal

- Operational review

- Delegation

- Implementation control

- Satisfaction monitoring

  1. Survey of citizens

  2. Information about your activities

From my side, I am ready to help in practical implementation with the most valuable - my time and energy.

We need a team that can take on the technical implementation.

I am ready to finance this project personally if I receive a clear public promise (facebook post) + plans for its implementation from 3 deputies.


This application will work for any form of representative government (within a representative democracy), including the Supreme Council, regional, district, local councils. And also those organizations that are formed on other grounds (trade unions, entrances, parents' councils at schools, etc.).

It can be seen as a stage in the direction of direct democracy, given the development of the means of communication.

Update 04/23/2015

The application is actually implemented to a certain level when it can be used. It cost me several thousand dollars.

Taking into account the fact that further progress will cost more, as well as the lack of clear prospects for implementation, I decided to open it to free access.

I hope it will be useful as a basis for further development.