Procedure for illegal construction


11/20/20141 min read

I see ongoing conflicts over illegal construction, quite often. There is a conflict of property interests, and, accordingly, this spills into an open conflict.

From my point of view, the optimal algorithm of actions of residents is as follows:

  1. Physically, but gently, do not let them start actions (mostly everyone can handle this) or prevent them.

Softly, because there is no point in beating each other - none of those present in those fights is to blame.

  1. Photograph ALL DOCUMENTS that show each other the parties and PEOPLE present.

This may come in VERY handy later

  1. Find the name and surname of the person who signed the documents.

This is the person responsible.

If there is a commission (more than 1 person), you should find the Chairman + Secretary.

They are responsible.

If there is a Council, the Chairman + Secretary should be found.

They are responsible.

In the case that "it was a long time ago, everything has changed, everyone has been fired/no more" you should contact

- By phone:

Journalists of local TV channels

A city/district deputy who represents the interests of residents

A deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, who represents the interests of residents

Appeals department of the city and district council

Police department (to the precinct)

Familiar lawyer/advocate

- By registered letter, with signatures of residents

Appeals department of the city and district council

- E-mail

Journalists of local mass media (including websites, newspapers, TV channels)

- Social networks

Personally to opinion leaders with whom one of the residents has contact

  1. After finding the person responsible, find his place of residence and the place of residence of his closest relatives

This is a weak, key point. Even a very strong or rich person cannot resist dozens of people united around a common idea, let alone an enemy.

The gradient of the mode of action for residents should be chosen in proportion to the force applied on the site itself. It should be increased in case of escalation.

It is important that there is no point in wasting energy on physical fights. The people the residents have to fight are not related to the real Responsible Ones.

Let's work together on a simple algorithm that will help many of us over time.