Presentation of the geoinformation system of Baikovets territorial community


6/7/20212 min read

On July 6, 2021, "MagneticVan Municipal Technologies" LLC held an on-site presentation of the Geoinformation System of the Baikovets Territorial Community.

Baikovetsk village council was the first of the communities of Ternopil region to join the Geoportal of the urban cadastre of Ternopil region, which started working in 2018. In April of this year, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Baikovets village council and "MagneticVan Municipal Technologies" LLC in the direction of creating modules of the geo-information system, namely: town planning and land cadastre, address register, investment potential of the community, tourist facilities, communal property register .

The event was opened by the deputy village head of Pulka Viktor Volodymyrovych, who welcomed all the participants of the presentation and emphasized the importance of technological solutions in the processes of community development.

The topic of the report was "Digital transformation of the community, the digital leader of the community" was addressed by the director of the KP "Ternopil Information and Analytical Center" Oleksandr Serhiyevich Tereshchenko, who spoke about the goals, tasks and implemented projects of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, such as the single portal of public services "Diya", " Action. Business", "Action. Digital education", "E-baby", introduction of an electronic passport, which is equated to a physical analogue, and introduction of electronic sick leave.

Volodymyr Podobivskyi, executive director of MagneticVan Municipal Technologies LLC, directly presented the geoinformation system of the Baikovets territorial community. The presented tools (city planning cadastre, land cadastre, address register) are aimed at automating the activities of employees of the architecture and urban planning department, as well as the land relations department. In particular, these modules of the geoinformation system allow to manage the territory of the community as quickly as possible, monitor the land resources of the community, the term of the lease, court cases, etc. For residents and entrepreneurs of the community, it will also be useful to display all available general plans of the community's settlements, household addresses with the possibility of quick information analysis and an accessible interface.

Volodymyr Podobivskyi summed up the results of the presentation and provided answers to the questions of the meeting participants.

A number of communities from the Ternopil region took part in the presentation. The event was also broadcast online.

We would like to thank the Baikovets territorial community for trusting and cooperating with the company "MagneticVan Municipal Technologies", as well as all the participants and organizers of the event for their interest in the geoinformation system, relevant and meaningful issues, and an active public position.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the geoinformation system for your locality, please contact us by phone: +38 094 974 92 13, e-mail: