Intel Dual Xeon 2xE5-2620 Offer


2/11/20142 min read

Natcoweb allows immediate availability of powerful Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620 servers, the servers are located on our platform in a safe SSAE 16 Tier 3 certified datacenter in Clifton, NJ. The facility is a 7-storeyed building located outside 100 year flood plain . We own the cage and have our own datacenter staff , as well as use TelX technicians whenever the need arises. The datacenter has 6 onsite generators that guarantee 100% Power Uptime, which has been proven by Sandy Hurricane and the latest snow storm in NJ area. The offer is time-limited and provided on the first come, first served basis.

The deal includes:

·        Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620

·        2x240GB ssd

·        256 GB RAM

·        Traffic 10TB

·        Port 1Gbs

·        2 Hours of Management/mo

·        Free setup

·        Standard $820.00/mo

·        Promo Offer $395.00/mo

More features:

·        24x7x365 Tech Support

·        Multihomed Bandwidth: a bgp4 mix of Level3, Highwinds, Zayo

·        1Gbs Uplink

·        KVM virtualization

·        NJ Location

·        Native IPv6

·        Backup

Additional Info: 

1) Do you resell servers? 
No, we are not resellers, we own all the hardware and have direct contracts with bandwidth, hardware and infrastructure providers.

2) How long does server setup take? 
Your server will be provisioned within 24h after your payment and setup instructions have been received as servers are in stock.

3) How can I pay? 
We accept PayPal and Credit Card.

4) How long have you been in business? 
Since 2007.

5) Do you provide any management in the deal? 
We provide free setup and preinstal all the software you will need for the server. We also provide 2 hours of FREE SUPPORT for this deal only. Our tech support team is available 24×7 via helpdesk, email, and skype.

6) Do you have a looking glass?

7) Can I use my server for ___? 
Please check

8) Do you provide backups? 
Yes, we could configure backup to the hdd on your server or a separate or remote server.

9) Where is your datacenter located? 

Our platform is located in TelX facility, this is a SSAE 16 certified datacenter with 6 onsite generators and proven by Sandy Hurricane 100% Uptime.

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