Innovation consultant


10/30/20142 min read

In the modern world, constant change, adaptation, and renewal are very important. The world is changing, it is necessary to meet its new realities.

The key reason is the acceleration of the pace of change, the rhythm of life and, in particular, of business.

For each person, this means constant learning, updating knowledge and applied skills, constantly searching for priorities and changing them.

For business - the same, only 10 times more difficult.

I will focus on business

The current picture looks like this:

The owners and leaders of many medium-large companies in Ukraine (and not only) are older (30-40 years old), most of them, who lead an active lifestyle, are permanently employed. That is, a lot of people are constantly competing for their time, very often not giving them the opportunity to self-actualize, in particular, their knowledge. To put it bluntly, they don't care - there are a lot of things that constantly require attention, permanent temporarily unresolved issues.

In the long term (years) this leads to the fact that their ideas about current opportunities become much less relevant, they actually stop seeing opportunities beyond the framework of current actions.

Various consultants/agencies/ have understood this problem and are in full swing selling its commercial solutions, each in their own way, competing for time as described above.

After hundreds of conversations with owners, I deeply understand what is very relevant, in particular their understanding and vision of the possibilities of information technology.

In the last 10-15 years, things have appeared that turn the idea of what things are ("break the mosk") and what are the possibilities.

Examples are ip-telephony (an old thing, but still not fully used), the cloud (cloud), bitcoin, video communication, electronic documents, mobile applications.

The frenzy has reached the point where the ministries can really be replaced by a set of programs, in particular the Ministry of Statistics.

The profession/role of an innovation consultant (not only IT) is very relevant.

In fact, every IT specialist in a different form is engaged in telling about it to his colleagues, preaching about it.

On the scale of the company, this problem is even more global, since the mistakes of the top or owners are an order of magnitude more expensive.

The role of such a consultant is to convey information about new opportunities and jointly with the top search for practical ways to use each.

How can it help the business, what problem will it solve, how much will it cost and how much will it bring/save with a horizon of more than a few months.

It is important that this consultant is external, independent, because most of the innovations transform the business quite strongly, and this carries risks for those inside.

It is very relevant in times of crisis and simply relevant when actively conducting business.

I strongly advise young people to think about this profession, and owners/tops to introduce such a role in their business, namely external innovation consultant.

Often this role is performed by system administrators or heads of IT departments, it already works less well, because some innovations make them much less necessary.

If you are such a consultant today, I want to meet you