Ideas on how to change the country, today. Transparency.


11/12/20132 min read

Every time I visit government agencies, I have a bad impression of how everything is organized there.

A bunch of primitive mistakes, from the deliberate type of "complications in order to later sell simplifications with benefit for oneself" - examples of the MREO, MIA passports, hospitals, etc., to complex organizational and complex ones such as a charity fund near the MREO into which you contribute money in order to speed up the process obtaining the document, paid services for filling out the questionnaire and limiting the acceptance of questionnaires only in printed form, etc.

Everything is not for you and me - citizens. More precisely, our role remains simple - we pay, even for what we have already paid for in the form of taxes/fees etc.

I am deliberately oversimplifying to get to the point.

The proposal that arose this time is to legislate to make all doors in all state institutions of the country transparent.

Physically glass, it is possible metal-plastic, it is possible from another material - but transparent.

Advantages, what I expect:


it will be seen what the official is doing right now

Focus on the main,

there is less opportunity for the official to attend to his "own" affairs

The official will see the queue,

if it is, a step in the direction of focus on the "client"

You can go on for a long time.

For fairness, we will also add the other side of the solution


Visible property

I think in public receptions it can be ignored

You can see something private

documents, photos - I think you can also ignore them


people will look in, it can distract people who are working

Applied features:

It can be quickly implemented within the limits of a separate institution, division, organization, city.

The price of the door is about 1000-1300 UAH, I think you can find much cheaper ones, who is in the thread - suggest - I will fix it.

Installation is also as simple and quick as possible, a few hours.

The implementation process itself can be done step-by-step, along with repairs, one door per month, evolutionary, not revolutionary.

As simple as possible from the point of view of implementation, of course there will be exceptions.

A request to the reader:

If you like this idea and you know a head of an institution, an official, a deputy - advise him of this idea in a friendly way.

I hope this simple decision, or rather its consequences, will make our life a little better, but soon.

This could be a good pre-election point for some party/bloc/deputy.

I'm interested in your thoughts on this topic.

Update 03/02/2014

The transparent door is installed, it looks like this.

We have been using it for 3-4 weeks, it is convenient, there are no significant problems.

Recommended for implementation.