How to start your own business?


3/29/20192 min read

Last week I gave a lecture as part of the MESH business course on how to start your own business. Each of my lectures is based on my own experience, everything I talk about has been tested by me in practice and really works.

Anyone can start their own business, but the question is whether these efforts lead to success. If you have already tried and everything worked out for you without special preparation, you are lucky. In order not to rely on luck and to be successful in most of your endeavors, you need a system.

To begin with, form the vision and idea of the company, the product or service that you want to provide. Be sure to record it in writing (I recommend using Google Docs, it's the most convenient format nowadays). This form allows you to organize thoughts and avoid distortion of information in the future. You can always go back to the records, change them or refresh your memory. Also, you will be able to transfer them quickly and in full to one of your future partners or investors.

After you have decided on your vision, look at the market. What does it offer? What are your competitors? How does your company stand out against their background? Who is their customer and ultimately who is your customer? What is he like? How does he make decisions? What is he willing to pay for? What problems does he have? How does your product or service solve their problems? All these questions should be answered before the start of development, infusion of investment and even more so before the start of sales.

Make a detailed plan for creating a product or service. Your plan should be clear, with specific deadlines. Record how much time you need to complete each task in it. Look at the plan. Do you have the necessary skills or do you need to hire workers or contractors? How much money do you need to do this (make a budget).

Next is the question of marketing and sales. Make a presentation (I recommend Google Slides), record a video presentation and upload it to YouTube, create a page on social networks (facebook, instagram) and finally - make a website. All this is not as difficult as you think. Do you want to do it well, but you don't have enough knowledge and skills? Use ready-made templates. Why invent something new, if you can buy a ready-made template and do everything quickly and efficiently?

And most importantly, if you tried and it didn't work, try again, then again, again... Try until you succeed.

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