Check the information for authenticity


3/20/20201 min read

It's interesting how good, selfless intentions can be easily, without facts, turned into outright lies and a good intention crossed out. I understand that what was published on the site is not professional journalism. After all, neither the owners of this resource, nor the person who wrote the text, asked for a comment, neither to me personally, nor to the company "MagneticVan Municipal Technologies", which created the GIS.

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The mass media, which are responsible for what is written, cannot afford such things, because they understand the reputational damage they will suffer. Unfortunately, reputation is not for everyone - an argument not to do bad, manipulative things.

However, for me personally and MagneticOne Group, reputation, integrity and clarity are important. And many of the products we create have no financial basis. And if the authors or owners of the site had contacted us, they would have known that this was a completely free project that we undertook to develop because there was a critical need for it.

Despite the heavy workload, I am always open to constructive communication, my contacts can be found in public access and ask for help or comments.

How do they create fakes and manipulate our opinion? Here are 3 main principles

1. Appeals to emotions

News of this type appeals to human values, deep and strong emotions (delight, anger, sadness, disappointment) and through them controls our consciousness.

2. Biased news

This is a one-sided interpretation of information and a personal interpretation of events. When you see that the author clearly inclines you to his attitude, this is a reason to think. Professional and honest journalists should simply cover events without evaluation, or evaluate them from different angles.

3. Conspiracy theories

Such theories reject the opinions of authoritative experts, and arguments that refute the conspiracy are considered as additional evidence of the conspiracy.