Bitcoin, Yaware and the National Bank of Ukraine


1/2/20161 min read

Deeply understanding the prospects of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular, Yaware started accepting it as payment for its products.

We published information about this one year after the start of admission.

Looking ahead, I will immediately say that the actual results are very weak, but there are!

So, as part of that initiative, information about Yaware was published on the website of the Kuna agency, the first agency in the CIS working with Bitcoin.

So, after 2 months of work, we received the following letter from the National Bank.

Of course, we "considered in our work" all the above-mentioned risks, and now we will also take into account the events that happened in Ukraine already in 2015, namely

– 11.2014 Clarification regarding the legality of using the “virtual currency/cryptocurrency” Bitcoin in Ukraine

- 01.2015 General overview of bitcoin in Ukraine as of 01.2015

- 06.2015 Spread of bitcoin acceptance on the Ukrainian market, already 15 companies

- 09.2015 NBU gives the green light to the development of Bitcoin in Ukraine

- 11.2015 Search at the home of Mykhailo Chobanyan, the founder of the Kuhn agency

Separately - MUCH more happened in the world in 2015 - 2015 news here

And, most importantly, even more will happen in 2016 - Bitcoin will probably already have 100 million users

PS: What is bitcoin all about, watch the video here.