Advice to domestic manufacturers


10/20/20142 min read

I am very pleased with the recent activity of Ukrainian producers.

They started sewing, cooking, gluing, programming, welding, designing, etc. - during the previous 20 years, this did not happen.

But it is VERY frustrating how they are doing the commercialization.

A few tips from 10 years of experience creating products (there is no difference between software and physical products in this perspective):

The beginning is an Idea

It is not necessary to invent a bicycle, most of the typical things are already created in the world, you should just take them as an example.

Physically find a drawing, a detailed photo, order 1 piece, ask friends to order.

Unfortunately, very often the personal desire for the creative process prevails over the desire to achieve the goal, and the goal is replaced by a process or another goal (team - personal).

People are a team

Very often, people start working without a common vision and goals. Not agreeing on goals, hoping "somehow it will happen". A typical scenario is when up to a certain point this is not a problem, and at a certain point the team simply falls apart (there are many reasons given). One of the first signs is a drop in motivation.

It is necessary to clarify the objectives of the teams BEFORE the start, on the shore, to agree on them among themselves.


This is the skill of a manager, all such managers are already busy and will always be busy, so you should think about it a little earlier.

Someone you know who works somewhere in an organized group or has organized it himself (group, organization, business, etc.) can help with this.

This tip will save a LOT of effort.

Money is a resource

We think about them BEFORE the beginning of the journey. In this world, there is more money than people who are able to manage it effectively, but still people hope to live in the holy spirit and do not worry about it.

It is especially important for projects longer than 3-5 months. There are people in this world willing to help, just make it your goal to find them BEFORE you start the project.

Very often they will be able to save you a lot of time + help not only with money.

Creation of the Product

The product is not only the essence, but also the form + necessary additions. Very often, at first thought, "secondary" takes more time than the very essence of the product, which is the case with most products.

Without an accessible form, no one will learn about the essence.


The ability to finish (as opposed to the process itself) is a VERY valuable skill. Very few people have such.

Even fewer finish on time, and even less within the allocated resources. It is worth planning immediately, the very fact of planning (process) saves 20% of resources.

About the future

Now is the time to develop products that will be worth commercializing a little later.

You should DEFINITELY not try to sell them to the volunteers who helped create them - it's just not fair.

There are very different groups of people - those who help and those who buy the final product, they should not be confused, the motivation is VERY different. The first do not have money, but there is interest, the second do not have time, but there is money.

Resources (see above) will help you wait.

When producers from the EU enter the markets of Ukraine, there will be no chance (more about physical products). It should be created now - take advantage of a unique chance, and the time to commercialize will be only AFTER the events are over.

A simple final tip

Find someone who has already done it, they know the shortcut, don't invent your own every time.

I want it to work out faster!