1/7/20161 min read

I came up with the idea that it is worth considering and publicly writing a report for 2015.

Only those who search will read it - I don't publish links anywhere.


  • A daughter was born! :)

  • There are many achievements of the charitable foundation

  • Launch of a whole series of products in MagneticOne

  • Start of MagneticOne Publishing
    - successfully closed after a few months :)

  • Start of work on MagneticOne Municipal Technologies

  • Start of work on MagneticOne Games

  • Restart MagneticOne Mobile

  • Launch of a whole series of products in Yaware

  • Start .invest, 8 investments in 2015

  • Became a lecturer at Vysotsky Consulting

  • NLP practitioner course - finished

  • Became a member of the organization series - personal

  • I learned a lot, understood, tried

  • Made a dream come true - Motorcycle!:)

  • I met a lot of good people

  • Helped many people

Unachieved items

  • MagneticOne Publishing

  • MagneticOne 3D

  • MagneticOne Robotics

  • The investment series is .invest

  • A step forward (many different experiences at the same time)

  • Volunteering (many different experiences)