Business Card Reader


1/22/20161 хв читати

Business Card Reader – this is exactly what you need to effectively work with business cards. Snap a photo of business card and it will import all card data directly to your BPMOnline system. Moreover, this innovative solution allows to create a rich set of additional information about your potential client, partner, or colleague.
Just two taps and you get a bird’s-eye view of the following information:
– personal info: interests, skills, social media contact, photos, etc.
– company info: size, industry, branch network, recent activity, etc.

How it works

  1. Capture a photo of a business card

  2. App recognizes its data automatically

  3. Get more data about person and company

  4. A new contact is automatically stored into your CRM account


  • Build-in Business Card Reader to BPMOnline integration

  • All the necessary information in one place – just a moment to snap а business card and transfer it to your CRM account

  • Processes up to 20 business cards per minute

  • Preview and make necessary changes before saving

  • Works via your Android smartphone’s camera

  • Recognition in 21 languages supported, including multilingual cards

  • Precise conversion of business card data

  • “Get more data” feature uses only trusted sources

  • It does not violate any laws or the right of privacy

  • It always keeps your contacts secure